250 NW N River Dr, Miami, FL 33128

The Grove SLAM!

Fishing… and more!

It’s no wonder why people call it the “world’s funnest fishing tournament.” And yes, we know funnest is not a word.

Since 2002 The Grove SLAM! set out to be the most non-tournament tournament in Miami. Last year we took a year off to regroup and think about how we can take the SLAM! to another level. And we came up with a 3-fold plan.

What’s New?


FREE. You heard right. The Grove SLAM! is now free, gratis, zippo to participate.


In the heart of Miami. The Grove SLAM!’s new location on the Miami River is like no other with 700-feet of dock space. More than any other location we’ve ever used.


What you love is still here. The great parties. The boat wash girls. DJ Laz and the bikini contest. The Grove SLAM! sticks to its roots where it counts.

Thousands of horsepower, hundreds of boats, two helicopters and gallons & gallons of testosterone! The Grove SLAM! Bimini Start is legendary.
The Captain's Luau, Awards Party and Bikini Contest have a lore of their own. Some of this remains unspoken to this day.
Join your friends, old and new, in the largest fishing spectacle in South Florida. Share you common love of fishing and the ocean lifestyle.
Let's not forget May is the start of dolphin season with plenty of huge fish out there and typical great weather conditions.
The shirts, , the goodies, the give-aways... we all love 'em. Hell, some of you even fight over them! The getting is always good at the SLAM!
Admit it. Beating out hundreds of other anglers has its perks. Your wife will love you more. Your kids will admire you. Your friends will envy you.


Think of these as time capsules; except mostly fish and bikini photos.

NEW Location
Right on the river next to Garcia's and Casablanca's.
700 feet of dock
The largest docking facility we've ever had. Space for all!
Dockage is Free
Just like the Grove SLAM! docking your boat is free for everyone.
Easy to Find
Less than a mile from the mouth of the Miami River with only 2 bridges.

Prize Categories

First Place Overall $ 10,000.00 HCB – HydraSports Custom boats
Heaviest Dolphin $ 3,000.00 Tropical Chevrolet
2nd place Overall $ 2,000.00 Heineken Light
3rd Place Overall $ 1,000.00 Costa Oil
Top Junior Angler $ 500.00 Jam Up
Top Female Angler $ 500.00 Executive Fantasy Hotels
Heaviest Kingfish $ 500.00 Miami Marine Parts
Heaviest Tuna $ 500.00 Casablanca Seafood
Heaviest Wahoo $ 500.00 River Marine Supply

Thursday 7PM
The Luau
Also known as the Captain's Party. This is where you can register (if you haven't already), pick up your swag and have a few cocktails. Located at the tournament site.
Saturday 6 AM
Boat Check-in
Boats must visually check-in with committee boat before the fishing day begins. This all takes place at the end of Dinner Key Channel. See maps section for details.
Make sure you've checked in the the committee boat and listen in on VHF CHANNEL 82 for the countdown. Fishing starts on the announcement over VHF 82.
Saturday 3:30 PM
It all goes down!
+ Fishing Stops
+ Bars Open
+ Boat Wash Opens
Saturday 5PM
Weigh-Station Closes
Make sure you and your crew are back and in-line. Your fish will not count if you are late. No exceptions.
Find out who won what. Trophies and prizes in over a dozen categories.
Saturday 7PM
SLAM! Bikini Contest
You've seen the pics, now enjoy it in real life HD quality.
/team of 4
Entry for 4
4 Tournament Shirts
Captain’s Goody Bucket
4 drink tickets for Thursday
4 drink tickets for Saturday
Eligible for all category trophies
/team of 4
Entry for 4
4 Tournament Shirts
Captain’s Goody Bucket
UNLIMITED Drinks on Thursday
UNLIMITED Drinks on Saturday
Eligible for all category trophies
Eligible for all CASH Prizes
/team of 4
Entry for 4
4 Tournament Shirts
Captain’s Goody Bucket
UNLIMITED Drinks on Thursday
UNLIMITED Drinks on Saturday
Eligible for all category trophies
Eligible for all CASH Prizes
Eligible for BIG MAHI and OVERALL Calcutta Prizes
need help?

No matter how dumb your question is, we’ll answer it and try not to make fun of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Dumb Questions

Whoever said “there is no such thing as a stupid question” never ever ran a fishing tournament. Because let me tell you, we’ve had some doozies over the years. Here are the top dumb questions listed in no particular order. These are actual exchanges via text or emails.

Q: When you say the tournament is free (air finger quotes), what does that mean?
A: It means there is no cost to fish the tournament.

Q: But how much do I have to pay?
A: Nothing.

Q: OK. But suppose I want to get the t-shirts and a goody bucket. How much then?
A: Listen bro, it’s free. You get the shirts, you get the swag, you get some drinks. Gratis.

Q: Oh, I see now. So the shirts and drinks and swag are free. How much does it cost to fish?
A: Listen, what’s your name? I don’t even want you at the tournament any more.

Q: What if I don’t have my passport? Can I still participate in the Bimini Start?
A: Really? Where are you guys getting these questions? The “Bimini Start” is another name for a shotgun start. Going to Bimini is not necessary. Geez!

Q: What if you don’t want to kill the dolphin? Can you take a photo?
A: This is a kill tournament so you have to bring in the fish to weigh.

Q: You’re barbarians! How can you kill Flipper?
A: Who put you up to this? You pranking me? These are dolphin fish a.k.a. Mahi Mahi – not the porpoise. We are not killing Flipper!

Q: If I have 4 anglers, a captain, two mates, a photographer, a video guy and a drone operator – do they all need to be registered?
A: No just the 4 people fishing need to be registered.

Q: In that case can you remove all the other guys from my entry? You have the registration form; it’s a 21 Bayliner named “Wet Spot.”
A: Sure, I’ll change it for you. “Wet Spot,” Huh?

Q: Are the boat washes really free?
A: Yes.

Q: Do the girls do a good job?
A: No.

Q: Will they wax the boat?
A: Listen man, they barely speak English.

Q: Can I be a judge for the Bikini Contest?
A: Sorry, but that is reserved for sponsors.

Q: How can I become a sponsor?
A: Call me.

Q: When is the tournament?
A: You mean the date splashed all over the website and at the top of all the posters and flyers? That’s May 18th for the party and the fishing is Saturday the 20th.

To sum it up, we really enjoy the dumb questions we get and to tell you the truth, I believe that most of these are people yanking our chains. It can’t possibly be that people are this dumb, can it?

See you at the Grove SLAM! this May 20th… and remember, there is no such thing as a dumb question!