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GROVE SLAM! Postoned....
Since 2002 the Grove SLAM! has been our little baby. Yes, a little loose and some may say easy, but she was our home-grown tournament for 13 years.  We saw a peak of 190 boats, 1000 anglers and over the years, about 100 bikini contest contestants.  We awarded well over half a million dollars ($500,000) to teams from across the state and country. And we weighed 9 dolphin over 50 pounds.  Quite a set of accomplishments. 

In 2016 we had a major announcement forthcoming about a new location and venue. Our plan was (and continues to be) to turn the Grove SLAM! into much more of a fishing festival celebrating the fishing lifestyle.  Some last minute changes to the new venue threw us for a curve ball and we were not able to secure a location to host over a 100 boats.  So there we were; Miami’s largest tournament without a home.  Instead of trying to force a shot, we decided to table the tournament + festival for one year and launch with a much better handle on the venue.
We have received dozens if not hundreds of calls, texts and emails about the Grove SLAM! and we haven’t been able to give a direct answer until we had no more choices.  And that time is now. 

On a personal level, it was my first event. My first tournament.  My first foray into the marine industry and quite frankly, it makes me sad to think of it not happening this year.  The only solace I have is knowing that what we have planned for 2017 is going to take Miami and the fishing world by storm. My melancholy is tempered with optimism.

We hope the lines stay tight over the summer and upcoming fishing seasons.  And keep an eye out for the Grove SLAM! in 2017.

Thank you for the years of loyalty and support.  The Grove SLAM! will be back again.

Tony Albelo
Tournament Director