Millet reduces cholesterol and reduces obesity.

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Millet is a small grain with white, yellow, or other colored pellets. People like to eat it, believing that it may be good for health. Helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, reduce obesity, and may be beneficial in treating cancer patients.

High cholesterol condition This increases the risk of insufficient blood supply to the heart, brain, and various organs. Leading to many health problems. Eating fiber-rich grains like millet may help the fiber bind to cholesterol in the intestines and inhibit fat absorption in the body. This may result in lower blood cholesterol levels. A study was conducted where 40 people with high cholesterol ate 60 grams of millet per day for 4 weeks. It was found that the participants had lower total cholesterol and bad cholesterol (LDL) UFABET 

Additionally, millet is low in calories while being high in dietary fiber. Which is good for weight control and weight loss. The dietary fiber helps keep your stomach full longer and may help you lose weight. From studies in laboratory rats. It was found that extracts from millet resulted in weight gain adipose tissue mass and blood fat decrease. Including helping to reduce leptin levels. Which is a hormone that may increase the risk of abdominal obesity. And the researchers suggest that may be used as part of the treatment for obesity.

Even contains various nutrients that may help reduce fat levels and reduce obesity. Including the above studies, it has shown the benefits of millet in these areas. However, should be consume in moderation. And people with health problems or congenital diseases should always consult a doctor before consuming millet for the safety of the consumer.