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Scholes believes that now he can speak with full spirit to win

Paul Scholes believes that Manchester United are now one of the teams contending for the Premier League title. After recently opening the house to overtake Manchester City 2-1 , Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford scored for United to successfully overtake. along with helping the “Red Devils” win

‘Carnacho’, an important variable that leads Man Utd

Marcus Rashford has hailed Alejandro Carnacho as a talented player. And admired for coming down to create an impact for the team to beat Manchester City 2-1 , Jack Grealish gave the away team the lead in the 60th minute, but Bruno Fernandes equalized for the

Henderson: ‘Everything went wrong’ for Liverpool against Brighton

Jordan Henderson, Liverpool captain Admit everything that is wrong. And this is the worst game since Jurgen Klopp took over the team . Brighton opened the house to teach football “Reds” comfortably 3-0, making it overtaken to 7th place on the table at the time. “Everything [what’s

Jurgen Klopp reaction: Career-worst performance

Normal manager Jurgen Klopp Liverpool Day Raised his hand to confess that the team played unsystematically until it became the worst form since taking over the team . Raised his head in great embarrassment, Klopp said: “Deeply disappointing. Welcome to Brighton They played great against the worst opponents ′

‘Pep Guardiola’ insists Rashford is offside

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola insists Manchester United’s equalizer is clearly offside. But because playing at Old Trafford, the referee made a difficult decision, Jack Grealish headed City to take the lead. Let Bruno Fernandes run over before Rashford scores the winning goal minutes later. No Fernandes

Bruno tells ‘Rash’ to leave because position is better

Manchester United playmaker Bruno Fernandes admitted he was unaware of the offside draw but Marcus Rashford only allowed him to shoot because he was in a better position . Let City take the lead, however, “Red Devils” came to equalize the goal, the problem with

Rashford said he knew he was offside so he didn’t chase the ball.

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford insisted he was not chasing after the ball as he realized he was offside before Bruno Fernandes fired in the equalizer at Old Trafford had a problem with Bruno Fernandes scoring the equalizer. Because it looks like Marcus Rashford is offside