Bruno tells ‘Rash’ to leave because position is better

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Manchester United playmaker Bruno Fernandes admitted he was unaware of the offside draw but Marcus Rashford only allowed him to shoot because he was in a better position

. Let City take the lead, however, “Red Devils” came to equalize the goal, the problem with Marcus Rashford being offside, but allowing Bruno Fernandes to run and shoot before Rashford scored the winning goal in A few minutes later

, Bruno said: “Because I’m facing the door. Marcus sees me in a better position ′

′ I don’t know if either of us is offside or not. But there’s only one defender that’s close to me ′ ′ ′

′ It’s always important to win games. Because the manager said it doesn’t matter who the opponent is. It’s an amazing comeback.”

“I said before the game that now it looks like we are playing as a team. some time before Each of us is like playing for ourselves. Now you see good teams playing for each other ′ ′ ′

′ For us it doesn’t matter. (One point behind City) We only have to look at the next game ′′ The UFABET report

′ If you can’t keep winning. they will flee We will celebrate with big wins. But from tomorrow We will only concentrate on the next match.”