Erik ten Hag confirms ‘Man Utd’ don’t think about league title

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Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag insists they are now only focusing on improving. No idea about winning the Premier League and praising the team for dealing with difficult situations much better.

Last Saturday night, Ten Hag, in charge of the “Red Devils”, opened his home to beat Manchester City 2-1 from the goals of Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford.

Results The competition moved United up to third in the Premier League, six points behind leaders Arsenal, and their hot form convinced club legend Paul Scholes to think they were among the title contenders

. Hag doesn’t think so. Giving a post-match interview with UFABET , talking about the Premier League title that the club has been away from for almost ten years.

“Football fans can dream of winning the league. But we don’t do that. We must not get carried away and accept the fact that we still have a lot to improve ′ ′ ′

′ Example in this game against City, after the first half we lost a lot of game control. which cannot happen And then we were led first unnecessarily ′

′ In top football games. Small details have a big impact. And we have to continue to improve on that ′

′ Obviously we have improved. But there is still a long way to go. There are many areas that we need to develop. But we’re making progress. That’s pretty clear ′

′ After the first half break. We came back in bad form, Man City made some changes which caused us problems and made us difficult. We tried to come back to dominate the game like in the first half.

“In the first half we played great. Especially the defensive game and following the tactics. We tackled well and then on the counter-attack. We create good opportunities Many times ′

′ The feeling at halftime is that we should be the lead in this game. But after that it was a completely different game ′

′ We didn’t press on Rodri and Kyle Walker was too close in the middle. And we can’t dominate the game there. But then we scored at the right moment ′

′ We always talk about team development and playing tactics. But another main job of the coaching staff is working to shape the attitude of the team. There are many of those attitudes. And one of them is the fighter ′

′ This team is developing how to defend when faced with obstacles, hardships or painful moments like being led first. And then move on.”

“We have players who are experienced enough to know that one stroke can change the game. And I think we’ve handled situations like this a lot better compared to a few months ago.