Introducing how to beat the Dragon Tiger card

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Dragon Tiger card game Many people may already know. That it is a game that has been developed from the game of Baccarat. But the style of play is much easier to play than baccarat. The method of playing is the same. The difference is in the number of cards play. If anyone wants to play the Dragon Tiger card game but doesn’t know how to play to win, come this way today. We have ways to beat the Dragon Tiger card game for you. Easy to play, able to generate profits from playing every day. สมัคร UFABET

Ways to beat the online Dragon Tiger card game

1. Stab according to the layout of the cards

betting according to card layout or reading the form of the cards. That is, from the issuing of cards that have been won. By either side many times in a row. If the “Dragon” side is issued 3-5 times in a row. And then changes to the “Tiger” side 1-2 times in a row. Then change sides accordingly. Which this method has been calculated and is quite effective. If anyone who still can’t read the card layout. Will try to play continuously for 4-5 games before placing bets. Look at the principles of playing and see how the cards are issued in any direction. When you look until you are sure, then place the bet yourself. I can assure you that this online dragon tiger formula definitely works. Because many card masters are popular to use and nowadays there is a successful design formula about reading the card layout. We can use that successful formula to try as well.

2. stab when losing

For anyone who already plays baccarat, must already know the formula for stacking bets very well. But for beginners. It may not be known that playing in a compound bet. How they play We have an answer for everyone. For “double bets when losing” is to double the amount of bets when losing. And when there is another loss, it continues to increase to be equal to the capital used for the first bet. Add until you win in that game.

Then stop using this formula. in almost that It is a formula that helps to get the capital back when playing many consecutive losses and wanting to get back the lost money, therefore, must use the compounding formula. But for playing the stacked thrust Players must have a relatively high cost of playing. Because if there is a limited amount of money to play. We advise not to use this online dragon tiger formula. Because before playing and winning, you may lose a lot of money. Or maybe it’s gone before it’s gone.

3. use money formula

The formula for walking money is a formula that is very popular to play. Because it is a formula that has a chance to get a lot of profit got substantial in no time Playing in this way of walking money is different from the way of stacking. Because it will use the method of compounding money when betting on winnings only When winning, you will begin to bet on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd win, and so on until you lose. When losing, stop moving money. And wait again until winning another round, which this method of winning the Dragon Tiger card game can make instant profits.