Jurgen Klopp reaction: Career-worst performance

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Normal manager Jurgen Klopp Liverpool Day Raised his hand to confess that the team played unsystematically until it became the worst form since taking over the team

. Raised his head in great embarrassment,

Klopp said: “Deeply disappointing. Welcome to Brighton They played great against the worst opponents ′

′ We didn’t do well today, I don’t even remember any good moments or anything like that ′

′ We tried to help the boys. with a different playing plan But it didn’t work at all. It’s my responsibility, I know, try to change again in the second half. But it all went wrong ′

Klopp later went on to say that Liverpool’s performance wasn’t just the worst in his time there, but the worst from a team he’s managed over the entirety of his career.

“I honestly can’t and I mean all not only Liverpool and that’s my responsibility,” Klopp said, via The UFABET. “So that makes it a really low point. There might be games but this isn’t one where you say ‘it’s a one-off’. The moment is not great.”

′ There was a time when Brighton played so easy. Indicates that the system has completely disappeared. It’s fucking easy. It’s too easy and you can’t come back to this game.

“By organizing (How to fix it?) Making it better should be an easy task because this is a very low point. I can hardly remember any game that was worse

. We got nothing in this game other than that we had to work together.”