Rashford said he knew he was offside so he didn’t chase the ball.

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Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford insisted he was not chasing after the ball as he realized he was offside before Bruno Fernandes fired in the equalizer

at Old Trafford had a problem with Bruno Fernandes scoring the equalizer. Because it looks like Marcus Rashford is offside and tries to play the ball. But the director didn’t say anything.

A Champions League last-16 victory at the Parc des Princes in March 2019 sticks in the mind when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was caretaker manager. That was hailed as a moment of rebirth, a sign they were healing. It was no such thing. They had still not hit rock bottom. the UFABET report

But when United came from behind to beat Manchester City on Saturday with two late goals in four delirious, controversial minutes to move to within a point of Pep Guardiola’s side in second place, Old Trafford was lost in glorious tumult and the evidence seemed incontrovertible: whether winning the title this season is a step too far or not, United are back.

The England national team striker revealed, “I think I fell a bit. So I didn’t run ′

′ If I chased the ball, I would have gotten the ball or shot or paid. I thought I was offside so I didn’t touch the ball ′

′ In that situation this is all I can do. Then it’s up to the referee and lineman ′

′ In my opinion. I am not involved in playing. I feel like it should be a goal.”