What type of football betting should a beginner choose?

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The first problem for new soccer bettors is not knowing which type of bets to choose to make a profit. For the method of football betting that is most suitable for beginner gamblers, it is Betting on a single ball or favorite ball This will help make profits better than football betting steps. Because the chances of winning are up to 50-50. In addition, there is no need to invest a lot. Which can start betting at a minimum of 50 or 100 baht and to be as sure as possible before going into the real bet Let’s see how we can bet on the favorite football to have a chance of winning. สมัคร UFABET

Techniques for betting favorite football to make profits easier

For techniques to bet on favorite football to make profits easier Football bettors can do the following:

1. Choose to bet only 1 pair per day.

  • Even though there are many pairs of balls to choose from that day It is recommended to choose only 1 pair that you think is the most confident. For how to see which team to choose to bet on Try to compare by looking at the size of the team. Is it a small team versus a big team? is a mid-table team Or both of them are big teams Because each rank in the table It will help you predict football results in advance on what kind of bets to choose.

2. Analyze the ball first every time.

  • for confidence before placing bets Let’s try to analyze the team that we will choose to bet on first. that bet on which side has the most chance For analytical methods, look at the historical statistics of each team. What is the latest work like? how much to win And most importantly, look at the history of meetings of both teams as well. Which team has a higher win rate? It will help analyze the information in choosing to bet more accurately.

3. Don’t bet on your favorite team.

  • The problem of new football bettors that often make mistakes is Always choose to bet on the team that they love. Which is very wrong. because the favorite team may not be as expected as well causing a lot of wasted opportunities Choose to bet realistically. Don’t take your preference as a deciding factor in placing bets. Otherwise, the opportunity to make a profit will be difficult.

4. thrust

  • If wanting to play favorite football betting every day It is advisable to use the same bet every time each day, for example, start betting on the first day at 100 baht, on the second day it must be 100 baht as well. The next day, double the bet. From betting 100 baht per day, increase to 200 baht in order to take profits on the day of loss along with the capital back as well This will ensure the same average profit every day.

For those who want to diversify risks and increase the chances of making bigger profits. May play 3 pairs per day by separating 1 bill per pair by placing bets on every bill with the same amount. If you have analyzed the ball so well that you are confident Can guarantee that each day may win no less than 1-2 bills for sure That means we get 2-3 times more profit than before