addition of ‘Amrabat’ to add a central defensive option to the team.

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Eric Ten Hag has revealed the reason for signing Sofiane Amrabat to join the team, that he wants to add strength in the holding midfield position. Amrabat moved to join the team in The last day of the football market this summer. Although he has been linked with a move to Europe’s biggest clubs since the transfer window opened, Amrabat has been steadfast in waiting to join Manchester United. Ten Hag Ten Haag said he is very pleased that the deal was completed in time and believes the 27-year-old midfielder will be a good addition to the team. since the start of the season One of my needs is to add another holding midfielder to the team. Because of the long season I want to add depth to the team.”

“In that position we only had Casemiro, the only one who played very well. With other options we might have to compromise, but with Sofiane he’s a natural holding. “

He can play alongside Casemiro as well. Because he can play in a slightly higher position on the pitch. So it’s great to get him. And I think he’s a great fit for the Premier League and the Champions League. I think the demand is very high.”

“He has a lot of energy. Very well done in one-on-one duels.

We are very please to have him at United and I think he will help us reach the high level goals we have set for us.”

Ten Haak replied, “No, some things you have to wait for the right time.”