‘Pep Guardiola’ insists Rashford is offside

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola insists Manchester United’s equalizer is clearly offside. But because playing at Old Trafford, the referee made a difficult decision,

Jack Grealish headed City to take the lead. Let Bruno Fernandes run over before

Rashford scores the winning goal minutes later. No Fernandes is not offside ′

′ Rashford distracts our goalkeeper and defender. It’s like that ′

′ We know where we play. On a field like this it’s difficult for the referee ′

′ Gotta congratulate United. People understand that Manchester How good is City? This is a wonderful game.” the UFABET report

Guardiola said, “Congratulations to United. People will understand how nice Manchester City is. It was a fantastic game. We controlled the transitions better in the second half against Rashford and their fast players. We had the right spirit to do it.

“And We were close and we have to improve when we concede the goal, be more stable, the gap between the first and second goal is too close. In general I have no regrets. I don’t care if we don’t win the Carabao Cup or the Premier League, we’ll try. I don’t care when a team performs how we play. It was quite similar to the many, many years we’ve been here.

“There are plenty of points to play for and we have to play there. In every game we have to perform. We always play in these sort of games and in others we struggle a little bit.”

“We control the change of the ball for Rashford. And their fast players got better in the second half. We have a good spirit to do that ′

′ We are very close and we have to improve when we lose the goal. must be more stable The gap between the first goal and the second goal was too close

. I don’t care if we don’t win the Carabao Cup or the Premier League. But we will try ′

′ I don’t care what other teams’ form is. It’s pretty similar to what we’ve been here in years past.”